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In the haze of the show.


Glow Motion Technologies


Art Direction, Brand Development, Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Design & UI, Photography, Strategic Planning, User Experience, Web Development



Glow Motion Technologies is built on the idea that light design can be seamlessly integrated, quickly installed, and simply operated for any venue or production. With custom-branded LED wristbands, and other wearables, they can put 16 million colors on every person in the venue.



Glow Motion had a kickass product offering with a less-than-kick-ass website and content that didn’t work well. They needed FoxFuel to tell the story of what Glow Motion was delivering on the road at concerts, shows, and venues across the world.


FoxFuel recommended a more customer-centric approach to sell concert producers and venue owners on the experience of Glow Motion. Through emotive photography and a simple elegant site, customers see the end result of using their solutions, rather than just the specs.


FoxFuel directed a photoshoot to better communicate the experience of Glow Motion in all their marketing, especially their website. With a sleek, clean, and responsive layout, the website showcases the quality, versatility, and general badassery of Glow Motion. FoxFuel won the 2017 American Advertising Awards Best of Show - Digital for their work with Glow Motion Technologies.