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Thoughts on Things.

Here you'll find industry insights, creative commentary, occasional ranting, and info about our awesome team. (Hint: you can avoid the ranting by selecting a topic.)

Feb. 2018


Stacks On Stacks On Stacks

Ian here, one third of FoxFuel’s dev team. If you’ve used a FoxFuel site then we’ve spoken before – that is, you’ve visited the site, your browser has talked to my code, which has talked back and displayed the information you requested – lovely conversations, really. I feel like we’re friends.... Read More

Jan. 2018


4 Ways To Manage Anxiety

This month, the topic for CreativeMornings meetups across the country was anxiety. You know the feeling—trying to get your brain to shut up long enough to fall asleep, waking up at 3 am with spiraling thoughts of all that could possibly go wrong in tomorrow’s meeting, avoiding the water cooler like the plague for fear that a human might ask you how you’re doing, etc.... Read More

Dec. 2017


2017 Recap

While high-school-esque recap slideshows may not be one of FoxFuel’s services, that didn’t stop us from pooling our personal social posts and snippets into a short 2017 highlight slideshow. Check it out if you want a quick peek behind the curtain.... Read More

Nov. 2017


Why Brands Suck at Positioning Themselves

FoxFuel did some therapy recently and we were confronted with a truth we weren’t terribly excited to face. While agencies pride themselves on their ability to strategically and creatively guide their clients to strong positioning, we do a pretty poor job of positioning ourselves uniquely. In our journey of self-discovery, we got to thinking about the mishaps that are most common when it comes to brand positioning.... Read More

Nov. 2017


Nice to Meet You: Ashley Hillig

Ashley made her way to Nashville from the wild, wild west where she worked with several Fortune 500 brands including Hormel, Ford Motor Company, Progressive, and Adidas. We’re not sure that she realized just how little snow we get here, but she keeps her ski racks on her car and her fingers crossed in hopes for a white Christmas.... Read More

Oct. 2017


Our Halloween Costumes are Pretty Sketchy

In case our faces weren't scary enough already, we did a little sketchin' to reveal the monsters inside. We think it's a graveyard smash.... Read More

Oct. 2017


Nice to Meet You: Ian Kendall

Ian hails from the great land of Pennsylvania. He moved to Nashville to go to Belmont where he learned to love tacos, code, and apparently, Nickelback. When he’s not writing that sweet, sweet code, he’s playing music, visiting taco trucks, and meeting new and interesting dogs.... Read More

Jul. 2017


A Big Life Step for FoxFuel

For the owners of a fast-growing marketing agency, a commercial shoot next week with Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota has crystallized why the company is expanding yet again—this time into a high-profile part of downtown.... Read More

Jun. 2017


Nice to Meet You: Mason Schmitt

Mason is a student at Belmont exploring all the exciting career opportunities that life has to offer as she ponders entering the working world. She’s leaning toward a small family farm. Meanwhile, she’s running the office at FoxFuel in hip overalls and cool glasses.... Read More

Apr. 2017


Weeding through Worthless Webinars

We loaded up on webinars, luncheons, and trainings over the past month, looking for folks who are putting out truly valuable content on a regular basis.... Read More

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