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Travis Wilson


He’s so funny that you don’t mind his meticulous attention to detail. His curiosity is always leading us to new ideas and capabilities, and it’s only killed one cat so far, so he’s proved a valuable addition to the team.

Educated at Asheville-Buncombe Technical College, Travis has four years of experience as a Full Stack Developer and five years as a freelance Web Designer and Developer. He joined FoxFuel in 2015, which we’re pretty happy about. Mostly because we love hanging out with his freaking adorable kids.

Travis's Motto

Dream big. Smile often. Laugh loudly. Take too many pictures. Kiss slowly. Live like there's no tomorrow.

Fun Facts


Named after the comic book character "Travis Morgan the Warlord."


Is a second-generation programmer.


Loves to build and rebuild everything (bicycles, computers, cars, Legos, websites).

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