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Colton Mulligan

Chief Executive Officer

Colton’s one of those guys who talks a lot, gets distracted by shiny things, and spouts off more ideas than anyone can keep up with.  At FoxFuel, he’s responsible for client relationships, and he guides our discovery process through brand strategy into early creative concepting. He loves a good story and is always looking for an opportunity to tell one (typically at a higher volume than is really necessary). If you ask him when he knew he wanted to own an agency, he’d likely tell you sometime around six months after he and the other partners had already launched FoxFuel.

With more than a decade of marketing experience, Colton has worked to develop brand and marketing strategies for Ben Folds, Saint Thomas Health, LP Building Products, Chip and Joanna Gaines, Pinnacle Bank, Lipscomb University, Thomas Nelson, HarperCollins, Narus Health, Barge Waggoner, RC Matthews,  and Community Health Systems. He’s also been invited to speak at various events on Digital Marketing, Healthcare Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and his personal passion for mental health in the workplace. Colton has also attempted to speak on the importance of booze in the workplace on several occasions but has yet to find a group that welcomes the topic. 

Colton's Motto

Do great work with people you love.

Fun Facts


His right collarbone is more metal than bone.


Has a desk drawer with enough medication to sustain a regional hospital for a month.



In water, he’s faster than most mammals and some marine life.

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