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Rachel Figley

Account Supervisor

Rachel talks about beer and bourbon a lot. We’re not sure if it’s because of her workload, the fact that she spent two years before FoxFuel working with personal injury attorneys, or if she just spends too much time around Harleys and dive bars. When she’s not working with clients or comparing porters, she spends her time trying to convince the world that all of our problems can be solved with Emotional Intelligence. Ask her about it when you have a few hours to kill.

Rachel’s an Ohio University Bobcat and will give you the full university history if you confuse it with Ohio State. With a bachelor’s in communications and a master’s in journalism, she’s spent the past 5+ years in content and marketing roles.

Rachel's Motto

Grow a pair and be who you're meant to be.

Fun Facts


Owns more brewery glasses than all other kitchenware combined.


Checked World's Largest Czechoslovakian Egg off her "weird shit to see" list (pro tip: it's in the middle of Kansas).


Makes a mean open-fire blackberry cobbler.

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