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Mason Schmitt

Operations Intern

Mason is the one who put her face in the scanner her first week here. Our spunky little intern is goofy, helpful, and always ready to “give ’em the ole razzle dazzle.” She loves to organize things and play pranks. She claims to be in her 20’s but evidence suggests she grew up in the 1940’s. She’s the girl who ripped her pants at tennis camp, the girl who wore a hamburger suit because she thought it was a costume party, and the girl who insisted on the group hug; she’s THE INTERN.

Mason is a soon-to-be graduate of Belmont University where she studied songwriting, psychology, and being the dork who rode a Razor scooter to class. Mason can be happy doing just about anything. She is overflowing with passion and takes tremendous pride in doing her best. She loves to dive in and figure things out herself. When Mason was curious about how bread is made, she spent a semester apprenticing at a bakery at 3:30 am before school. When she couldn’t find the perfect desk, she spent weeks on Youtube and learned how to build one herself. Mason believes she can learn how to do just about anything. She is precocious, enthusiastic, and determined. She’s got moxie, folks!

Mason's Motto

I’ll do anything for science.

Fun Facts


She grows all of her own
veggies and herbs.


She was born in a hospital.


Her theme song is
“Kites are Fun” by Free Design.

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