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Kelsey Brasher

Graphic Designer

Between amazing Target Lady impressions and spontaneous outbursts of loud and loving encouragement, Kelsey is a constant source of joy for the FoxFuel team. Although she tends to make people uncomfortable with her favorite pair of tiny rubber hand puppets, her work and attitude leave most with a generally positive impression.

Kelsey is a Middle Tennesee State University grad with over six years of design experience in everything from broadcast to web to cupcake buildings (she’s responsible for that sweet Sprinkles building you see driving through 12 South). She also won two Gold ADDY awards for the local and district Student American Advertising Awards and a Silver TENN Show Award, so...she’s cool. 

Kelsey's Motto

Life by the yard is hard, life by the inch is a cinch. 

Fun Facts


Wishes that life was a real-life musical and everyone would break out in song and dance.


Went on a trip to Japan in high school for free thanks to Panasonic.


Wins a lot of online and radio contests, but always gets stuck in the slowest check out line.

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