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Ian Kendall


Ian came to FoxFuel fresh off the Belmont press. His degree in Entertainment Industry and Web Development landed him a gig doing data development at Broadcast Music, Inc., as well as a few side hustles.

When he’s not writing that sweet, sweet code, he’s playing music, visiting taco trucks, meeting new and interesting people, and meeting new and even more interesting dogs.

Ian's Motto

Act like you know what you're doing even if you have no idea what you're doing, because, secretly, nobody else knows what they're doing either.

Fun Facts


He once drove a car off a cliff just to avoid being late to school.


He’s lived in Nashville for 4 years and has never been to the Bluebird Cafe, Prince's Hot Chicken, or Pinewood Social.


He has a hard time thinking of fun facts but wants you to know that doesn’t make him "less fun."

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