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Saint Thomas Health


Art Direction, Brand Development, Copywriting, Digital Media Strategy & Buying, Integrated Marketing, Photography, Strategic Planning, Video Production, Web Development



Saint Thomas Health is a family of Middle Tennessee hospitals and physician practices united by a single mission: to provide spiritually-centered, holistic care that sustains and improves the health of the communities we serve.


Healthcare is moving away from a traditional approach of promoting their hospitals exclusively for major life events. Heatlh systems are evolving to be more consumer-centric and are looking for new ways to interact and care for the community.  


FoxFuel developed a new strategy to speak to the everyday health needs of the typical Middle Tennessean. By leveraging the partnership with the Tennessee Titans and Marcus Mariota, FoxFuel used humor to speak to the whole community, while focusing on the household healthcare decision-maker: Mom.


FoxFuel wrote and produced a broadcast commercial, a print campaign, billboards, and a full digital campaign to recruit patients for primary care doctor visits, physicals, and appointments at one of Saint Thomas Health’s 100 locations.