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A year in service.


State Volunteer Medical Insurance Company


Art Direction, Design & UI, Video Production, Web Development



State Volunteer Medical Insurance Company (SVMIC) is a premier provider of medical professional liability insurance, education, and support for doctors and physician practices. For over 40 years, SVMIC has remained focused on doing what is just and what is best for our policyholders.



SVMIC policyholders are also shareholders in the company and need corporate reporting for financial and organizational updates. Every year, SVMIC printed over 18,000 annual reports for their shareholders/policyholders, which proved costly and tough to track.


FoxFuel recommended a digital and more contemporary approach to open a more collaborative and cost-effective line of communication.


FoxFuel developed SVMIC's first digital annual report, which utilized dynamic charts and graphs, editorials on shareholders and staff, and a video to serve as the introduction and letter from the chairman. The site featured animations, tracking, and analytics to improve the marketing team’s ability to adapt future content and reporting data.