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Earnings Capital


Art Direction, Brand Development, Brand Strategy, Copywriting



Earnings Capital is a private equity firm focused on finding value investments with strong prospects for above market investment returns while seeking to minimize risk. New to town, Earnings Capital needed to define a brand as sophisticated as their investors. 


FoxFuel was tasked with finding a voice and vibe for the firm that would instill trust in potential investors while still holding the small, boutique feel and value that a smaller firm can provide.


FoxFuel recommended simple breakdowns for the process, backed by industry statistics, and high-quality materials to promote confidence with strong prospects looking for higher returns but lower risk, and a tagline that evoked that right message.


FoxFuel created a cohesive brand identity package that can be handed to clients and prospects of Earnings Capital to explain how the company puts their money to work. The folder has built-in pages about the Earnings Capital brand with a flap to hold the customer-specific language and information. The business cards, letterhead, thank you notes, and folder all work cohesively and consistently.

$1 Million

assets under management

after starting with zero when first meeting with FoxFuel


accredited investors

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