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Carlisle Brand Tires


Art Direction, Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Integrated Marketing


Consumer Goods

Carlisle Brand Tires is an industry leader in the field of specialty tires and wheels for the agriculture, construction, ATV/ UTV and high speed trailers. Carlisle Brand Tires partnered with FoxFuel to position and promote their latest innovation in high speed trailer tires, the Radial Trail HD.

Without having actively promoted product launches in the past, the Radial Trail HD launch was new territory for the brand. FoxFuel was tasked with developing messaging and creative that would resonate with the advocate-filled audience at the American Bass Anglers National Championship. 

Most trailer tires are an afterthought to boat or ATV owners. A commoditized market has created no incentive to upgrade from low quality stock tires to longer-life and higher performance tires. By positioning the Radial Trail HD as the tire that  that protects your investment – in your boat or ATV, in your time, and in your happiness in doing what you love, we were able to bring a new consumer-driven perspective to a largely business-to-business industry. Since this target audience also had significant overlap for their ATV/ UTV tire lines, the Versa TrailTM ATR tire was also featured in the creative.

FoxFuel created a display and print campaign leading up to and featured at the ABA National Championship. This campaign put the consumer in the driver’s seat so to speak. We turned the conversation about trailer tires towards the benefits of a better tire rather than its price tag.