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Joe Boettcher

Chief Technology Officer

Joe is a man of few words, but when he speaks, you better damn well listen because it’s either the smartest thing you’ve heard all year, or more importantly, the funniest. We’re never quite sure if he’s working at any given moment because no one outside of his team really knows if all the colorful gibberish on his screen is a website or a secret language he uses to communicate with his 3-year-old at home. All we know is that when someone asks for a very complicated technical site, tool, or integration, Joe can make it happen.

Joe earned his degree at Mississippi State, where he programmed intercollegiate-competition-winning robots and researched video compression in grad school. After school, Joe moved to Nashville and worked at MMA Creative for eight years. While there, he built a vast array of websites, tools, and systems for cool people like Saint Thomas Health and HarperCollins Christian Publishing. Joe brings that expertise to FoxFuel and leads the development team to continue creating impressive web software for our clients’ unique needs.

Joe's Motto

Think it through.

Fun Facts


Played bass guitar in a
“math rock” band.


Loves organizing beer
tasting tournaments.


Owns an old Nintendo
cartridge worth over $1000.

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