FoxFuel Case Study
Smithfield® Great Rib Rivalry
No bones about it...except in the ribs.
The Challenge

As the largest pork distributer in the world, Smithfield® is consistently looking for creative ways to reach their audience and put pork on the table. One avenue they’ve pursued is a partnership with celebrity chefs Moe Cason and Tuffy Stone. Little did they know, the relationship with Moe and Tuffy would give them a glimpse into a whole new world: competitive barbecue. The question then, was how to step into this world of passionate pork-lovers.

The Idea

FoxFuel developed the Great Rib Rivalry, a 6-month contest to engage the competitive barbecue circuit on a level that drove awareness and loyalty for the Smithfield® brand.

The Solution

The contest was designed to incentivize barbecue teams to promote the Smithfield® brand through online contests. All data was tracked and updated at the Rib Rivalry website where teams could check real-time standings and leaderboards as the contest progressed. The grand prize was the title of Smithfield® Team of the Year, a team that would spend the next year promoting the brand throughout the competitive barbecue circuit.

The Results
90% of KCBS events included a Rib Rivalry Team
More than 200 team posts across social channels