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Our Halloween Costumes are Pretty Sketchy

Oct. 2017

In case our faces weren't scary enough already, we did a little sketchin' to reveal the monsters inside. We think it's a graveyard smash.


Colton Mulligan: CEO & Wolfman




Michael Hutzel: CCO & Frankenstein




Joe Boettcher: CTO & Mummy




Rachel Figley: Account Supervisor & Bride of Frankenstein




Travis Wilson: Developer & Dracula




Kelsey Greer: Graphic Designer & Witch




Mary Ellen Adkins: Developer & Maleficent




Amelia Handshoe: Account Executive & Pirate




Drew Beamer: Art Director & Skeleton




Mason Schmitt: Intern & Pumpkin




Ian Kendall: Developer & Zombie




Ashley Hillig: Account Executive & Clown

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