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Nice to Meet You: Travis Wilson

Jun. 2016

Role at FoxFuel: Developer

Travis is so funny that you don’t mind his meticulous attention to detail. His curiosity is always leading us to new ideas and capabilities, and it’s only killed one cat so far so we’re in good shape.


What's your favorite... 


Computer-free activity?

Playing with my daughter, Piper



Hand soap?



TV channel?



Recent app, site, or cool techy thing?

This musical timeline.



Tinkering (motorcycles, bicycles, quadcopters, cars, electronics, Legos, etc.)



Happy place in Nashville?

J & J's Market & Cafe or I-65 bridge over the Cumberland River. It has a great view of the city.



All About Travis

What's the most frustrating comment, question, or feedback you get related to your work?
"Is that centered?"


What's the worst haircut you've ever had?
90's bowl cut. But really, who didn't want to be Jonathan Taylor Thomas in the 90's?


If you could work from any location in the world, where would it be?
For a week: Italy. For a month: Vancouver. For a year: Somewhere warm with a beach.


What's your greatest accomplishment outside of your career?
#1 Being a father.
#2 Returning to and finishing school in my late 20s.


How do you feel about bundt cakes?


What do you do to refocus?
Get up and move around / harass our other developers


Would you rather always have to enter rooms backwards or have to somersault out?
Enter backwards.


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