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Nice to Meet You: Mason Schmitt

Jun. 2017

Role at FoxFuel: Kick-ass Intern

Mason is a student at Belmont exploring all the exciting career opportunities that life has to offer as she ponders entering the working world. She’s leaning toward a small family farm. Meanwhile, she’s running the office at FoxFuel in hip overalls and cool glasses.


What's your favorite... 


Show on Netflix?

Whatever is playing in the background while I get distracted by the internet.



Happy place in Nashville?

FoxFuel Creative and High Garden Tea


80’s hair band?

I was born in 1996



Book that describes your life?

I’m more of a podcast kind of girl. You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes is my favorite.



Hopslam Ale, Bells Brewery


Fictional character?

Sigourney Weaver



All About Mason

Where were you born?
In a hospital.


What is the most frustrating question, comment, or feedback you get related to work?
“Don’t worry about it.” Too late, boss. Too late.


What is the best memory you had from your childhood?
One time, at tennis camp, all the big kids were hopping the fence to go to the snack shack. I wanted to hang with the big kids so I had to hop the fence, too. I got to the top of the fence then fell onto the ground, yet my shorts remained on the fence having ripped clean off of my body. The big kids were not sympathetic.


If you could do anything other than advertising, what would it be?
Run my own small family farm.


Who’s the person in your life you look up to the most?
My best friend, Nic. He’s pretty tall (He’s also incredibly hardworking and creative).


What do you look forward to the most every day?
My evening phone call with Tom Hanks.


How did you get so awesome?
That’s classified.

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