June 23, 2016 FoxFuel

Nice to Meet You: Kelsey Greer

Role at FoxFuel:
Graphic Designer



Kelsey’s Favorites

Show on Netflix
Parks and Recreation. Ron Swanson is my dream man.

Happy Place in Nashville
Picnic with my friends at the Love Circle. Or swing dancing in the park.

Dad Joke
Ahh, my favorite joke to make. I like the one about the dad convention (Hint: click the image to see the joke.).

90s Band
dcTalk. That’s who I grew up listening to. But also because I didn’t know secular music existed until the early 2000’s. That or the A*Teens ABBA Generation album.

Spirit Animal
Kristen Wiig. It’s my goal to dress up as all of her SNL characters for Halloween. I think being Target Lady was my favorite costume yet.

Recent Ad or Ad Campaign
I love the KFC colonel campaign. They’ve really stepped it up on their marketing, and their site got a new design. I love the different celebrities as the colonel—it’s like a guessing game! I’m still not gonna eat their food.

All About Kelsey

What’s the most frustrating comment, question, or feedback you get from clients?
When a client doesn’t like something and doesn’t have a reason why, it can be frustrating. Sometimes it’s just, “I don’t like it,” and no constructive feedback. I just have to read their minds…

What’s been your biggest adventure?
I was sponsored by Panasonic to go on a free two-week trip to Japan in high school. Overall, that was a huge adventure, but the best night was when we went on a scavenger hunt all across Osaka (which is the third-largest city in Japan). It was me and another girl (we were both 15) running around the city asking people if they spoke English. We had to navigate the subway system and take pictures of landmarks. We won. As winners, we chose to do karaoke. It was a great night.

If you were permanently exiled from the design world, what would do instead?
I’d be a cruise ship performer. Or a board game inventor. Or a voice over artist. Or a hand model. Or on SNL.

What’s your guilty pleasure font? (bad font that you secretly like)
Cooper Black. I just really want an excuse to use that typeface on a shirt or something. It’s so retro.

What could you look at all day?
Pugs. And hot air balloons.

What best gets your creative juices flowing?
Watching a movie, listening to a podcast, reading a book/magazine, doing a headstand. I also have a long list of design resources that I draw inspiration from.

Would you rather be in a real version of The Walking Dead or Jurassic Park?
Jurassic Park! I want to see if a saddle would fit on a dinosaur. And I’m totally freaked out by zombies. I can’t even be in the same room when The Walking Dead is on. The sounds are so gross.