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Nice to Meet You: Joe Boettcher

Nov. 2015

Role at FoxFuel: Partner and Chief Technical Officer

Joe is a partner and our chief technical officer at FoxFuel. When he speaks, you listen because he’s wise and hilarious. He writes baby songs and knows all the latest in tech, just don't ask him what kind of socks he's wearing


What's your favorite... 



Snack to put peanut butter on?

Apple slices



Happy place in Nashville?

Woodlands Indian restaurant



Brand of socks?

I couldn't tell you the brand of any of my socks.



Metal band?

Mastodon - because they have a concept album based on the novel Moby Dick, and I like my rock music nerdy.



Children's book?

The Monster at the End of This Book where Grover begs the reader to quit reading so they won't reach the monster, who turns out to be Grover. Deep down, did Grover know he was the monster all along, and just didn't want to face the truth?



Recent app, site, or cool techy thing?

It's not super new or exciting, but I'm incredibly impressed by Slack. Who knew there was so much room for improvement on the decades-old concept of internet chat? It's both useful for productivity and fun, and has set a new standard for me in terms of how slick and polished a browser app can be.



All About Joe

What's the most frustrating comment, question, or feedback you get related to your work?
When I spend time writing a thorough report/explanation for someone and then get asked questions that were answered in the report because they didn't read it.


What's your earliest memory?
I have vague memories of my house in Tulsa, Oklahoma, from when I was around 5.


If you could choose any role in advertising except for development, what would be?
I would love to be a good designer.


How do you define success for your own life?
Providing my family what they need to be happy and healthy.


What's the last song you sang at the top of your lungs?
It probably won't surprise anyone that I don't often sing at the top of my lungs. However, I do make up silly songs to sing to my 1½ year old daughter about things like eating broccoli, brushing teeth, etc.


How do you find inspiration?
Go for a run and listen to music.


Would you rather be able to speak every language or play any instrument?
Definitely play any instrument! I would love to be able to sit down at a piano and whip out some Debussy on the spot or rock a mandolin like Chris Thile.


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