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Nice to Meet You: Amelia Handshoe

Jul. 2016

Role at FoxFuel: Account Executive

This is a chick who gets shit done. Bold and tenacious, she calls it like it is and leaves no room for error. She typically prefers time with her dog to most humans, but she knows how to have a good time.


What's your favorite... 




Recent guilty pleasure, Girl on the Train. I could not put it down.


Happy place in Nashville?

Percy Warner Park


Thing to do on the weekend?

Sunday evening ritual of NetFlix and face masks. Moisturization is a 28-year-old's best friend. 



Childhood toy?

I rode my Huffy Treasure Bike everywhere. We played outside all day and had to come home when the street lights came on.


Piece of clothing?

A white romper I purchased a few years back. Every time I have ever worn it I have the best night ever, so much so that my friends wanted to borrow it and try it out themselves. It has worked like a charm.


Summer anthem?

I can't stop listening to "One Dance" by Drake. I know it's bad, but it is just so damn catchy.



All About Amelia

Where were you born?
I was born in Gulfport, Mississippi. That was the closest hospital to the tiny beachside town, Bay Saint Louis, where my parents met and lived. Shortly after I was born, we moved to Charleston, South Carolina.


What is the most frustrating question, comment, or feedback you get related to work?
"I do not remember talking about that in the last meeting." Lucky for you, I am so Type-A that I have 5 bullet points in our notes reiterating the conversation.


What is your favorite tradition?
Opening one present on Christmas eve. It always is a ridiculous set of pajamas from my mom. The whole family then wears their new horrendously tacky pajamas and we watch a Christmas movie together eating way too many treats and consuming copious amounts of wine.


What led you to join the advertising world?
I wanted to work with creative people and constantly be learning and challenged.


What do you look forward to most every day?
Morning runs.


What annoys you?
Tardiness. It killllls me.


Would you rather have your fingers stuck in bottles for a year or a bucket stuck on your head for a year?
Fingers stuck in bottles for a year. It would help me kick my addiction to my iPhone.


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