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Nashville's Best Donuts : Happy National Donut Day

Jun. 2016

Today is National Donut Day! So we got a giant inflatable donut, stuffed our faces, and took some pictures. We also scoped out the Nashville donut scene so you can skip straight to the good stuff...



Five Daughters Bakery

Both adorable and delicious, Five Daughters' donuts will put you into an instantaneous sugar coma as visions of sugar cane sprinkles and locally sourced ingredients dance through your head.

We'd recommend the 100 Layer Donut, of which one FDB superfan said, "It's like America and France made slow sweet love and had a pastry baby."  ... Je t'adore, our little French-American bundle of joy.

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Kelsey and Rachel eat donutsFive Daughters


Shipley Do-Nuts

Okay, so these aren't exactly local, but they're just so darn good. Lawrence Shipley, Sr. created the recipe back in 1936 when they sold for 5¢ a dozen. Always hand-cut, and always served hot, Shipley Sr.'s "do-nuts" took over the south, growing to what is now a franchise of more than 190 stores. Can't get that 5¢-a-dozen price tag anymore, but that same gooey goodness stuck around.

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Utterly Nash

Best compliment to a sugar high? A caffeine buzz, obviously. Utterly Nash serves up its tasty concoctions next to the aeropress and organic fair trade dark roast chocolate-covered espresso beans. Now hold on, they don't crank out your average glaze and jelly sugar rolls—this some classy dough. Lemon Thyme Caramel, Poppyseed, Luxardo Cherry...prepare to question everything you've been brought to believe about donuts.

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Fox's Donut Den

You've seen the dancing lights; the ones that call you out of the fury-inducing Green Hills traffic that forever clutters Hillsboro Pike. A moment of sweet relief sweeps over you as you walk through the doors and into something resembling a glitter-bombed diner. But they're not serving Reubens and malt milkshakes with extra Oreo pieces, oh no...they're selling your childhood memories. Chocolate sprinkles, bear claws, apple fritters, and so many perfectly bite-size little donut holes. Fox's Donut Den has your joy to go.

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Kelsey and Rachel eat donutsDonut Den

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