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Fast Times at FoxFuel High

May. 2018

It’s May and that means graduation time. Seeing all the caps and gowns made us nostalgic, so we decided to give you a glimpse into what could have been the FoxFuel yearbook. We asked each team member to award a superlative to their coworkers, as well as submit a #tbt picture. We hope you enjoy this blast from the past… stay the same, never change.
<3 Your BFF FoxFuel



Colton Mulligan

Most likely to recommend a drone video for your website, campaign, office, or backyard bbq

Runner Up: Most likely to get grounded for stealing his dad's car

Michael Hutzel

Most likely to reorganize the entire office when you're not looking

Runner Up: Most encouraging

Joe Boettcher

Most likely to win the lottery and never mention it

Runner Up: Most likely to win HQ Trivia

Rachel Figley

Most likely to show up to a board meeting in a Stones hoodie

Runner Up: Most likely to join a motorcycle gang

Kelsey Brasher

Most likely to flip a table during Monopoly

Runner Up: Most likely to be PTA president

Mary Ellen Adkins

Most likely to wear heels on a snow day

Runner Up: Craftiest

Drew Beamer

Most likely to share an internet joke

Runner Up: Most kids (3)

Ashley Hillig

Most likely to make the US Winter Olympics team

Runner Up: Most likely to impulsively adopt a pet

Ian Kendall

Most likely to taco overdose

Runner Up: Most likely to help win HQ

Mason Schmitt

Future Guinness world record holder for smallest handwritten joke

Runner Up: Most likely to succeed

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