FoxFuel Case Study
CrossFit Nashville
Making the brand a better fit for a broader audience.
The Challenge

Preston and Dustin Soechting pursued their vision and grew CrossFit Nashville (CFN) from a patch of grass in Preston’s backyard to two actual buildings, or what they call “CrossFit Boxes.” Along the way, they had the unique task of growing the brand from the generic parent company into their own Nashville flavor and style. Fortunately, FoxFuel was keen on helping, as a few of our crew were original CFN backyard buddies.

The Idea

To refine the brand and articulate a more consumer friendly message–challenging them to “be the best you.”

The Solution

Eyeing a website overhaul, logo refinement and tagline, FoxFuel implemented a new site with fresh photography, integrating member profiles and class information servicing both locations. The newly planned location allowed an opportunity for logo refinements that brought the brand up to more efficient and modern design standards and a tagline that encapsulates CrossFit Nashville’s mission. FoxFuel’s solution emblazons the large external wall of the new location, prominently featuring CrossFit Nashville in high-traffic areas.

Check it out.

CrossFit Nashville