Nice to Meet You: Ashley Hillig

Role at FoxFuel:
Account Executive



What’s Your Favorite…

Mode of transportation?

Happy place in Nashville?
Walking Germantown with my pup.

Technology-free activity?

Sport to watch?
Broncos football!

Thing right now?
The cold weather hitting Nashville.

Dance move?
The “Ashley”… prepare yourself.

All About Ashley

What is the most frustrating question, comment, or feedback you get related to work?
I love learning, discovering, and improving so it’s frustrating to be told “just keep doing what you’re doing.”

What is something someone would be surprised to learn about you?
I’m a scuba diver but have an irrational fear of eels.

What’s the greatest bit of advice a parent or mentor has given you?
A mentor once introduced me to the quote, “Whatever happens, I want to be self-respecting and conscience-free.”

What’s one thing Nashville should adopt from your previous home, Denver?
An MLB team or less humidity. I’ll take either!

If you could host a talk show, who would be your first guest?
Chris Janson.

What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled?
Nashville, so I moved here!

Would you rather know the history of every object you touched or be able to talk to animals?
Definitely to be able to talk to animals.

Our Halloween Costumes are Pretty Sketchy

Colton Mulligan: CEO & Wolfman




Michael Hutzel: CCO & Frankenstein




Joe Boettcher: CTO & Mummy




Rachel Figley: Account Supervisor & Bride of Frankenstein




Travis Wilson: Developer & Dracula




Kelsey Greer: Graphic Designer & Witch




Mary Ellen Adkins: Developer & Maleficent




Amelia Handshoe: Account Executive & Pirate




Drew Beamer: Art Director & Skeleton




Mason Schmitt: Intern & Pumpkin




Ian Kendall: Developer & Zombie




Ashley Hillig: Account Executive & Clown




Booooo to Costume Procrastination

It’s spooky late to be deciding what you’ll be for Halloween, so stop being a little witch and get your tricks together. We’re here to lend a hand and we’re dead serious when we say these are some wicked good costume puns…


Brush with Death



Grapes of Wrath



Couch Potato



Formal Apology



Identity Theft



Holy Guacamole & Holy Cow



Ginger Bread Man



Snakes on a Plane



The Cloud



Iron Chef



French Kiss



Pot Heads


Paid Internship: Join the Skulk (Group of Foxes)


We’re looking for a Spring 2018 intern!

We believe creativity is best when it is simple, honest, and based on strategy. Through collaboration with our client’s experience and our marketing expertise, we make relevant and powerful connections with an intended audience.

As a FoxFuel intern, you’ll have insight into all the inner workings of a fast-paced, small agency. We do everything from branding to marketing strategy to web development. We value hard work, great ideas, and team spirit. If you’re looking to gain experience, make connections, and aren’t above wiping down the conference table and making coffee, a FoxFuel Creative internship is for you.


  • Accepting applications: Third week in October – first week in December
  • Decision: Third week in December
  • Internship: Third week in January – first week in May
    (12 hours/week, 12-week internship)

Position Details:

  • Well-rounded with great attitude
  • Will serve as general agency intern, reporting to all departments, but able to utilize specialized skill set
  • There will be a formal review process at 3 weeks in which the internship may be terminated should the intern fail to meet requirements and expressed expectations
  • Paid internship, class credit available

To apply, send your resume, cover letter, portfolio (if applicable), and a short video to Your video should answer the following questions:

  1. What are your career goals?
  2. What are you good at professionally?
  3. What do you suck at professionally?
  4. Why do you want to intern at FoxFuel?

And make sure you read this blog about how to be a great intern.

Nice to Meet You: Ian Kendall

Role at FoxFuel:



What’s Your Favorite…

Show on Netflix?
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: they’re narcissistic, idiotic, energetic, and full of terrible ideas. They remind me of my friends!

Happy place in Nashville?
Any taco truck, where you will find me eating a $5 burrito doused in hot sauce and sippin’ on sweet Horchata.

80’s hair band?
Def Leppard! Sure they’re as old as my parents but I’ve still seen ‘em 3 times! (Not even halfway joking)

Book that describes your life?
Idealistic answer: On the Road by Jack Kerouac
Realistic answer: Web Design for Dummies

My ‘60s reissue Sunburst Les Paul

Fictional character?
Jim from The Office

All About Ian

Where were you born?
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

What is the most frustrating question, comment, or feedback you get related to work?
“Oh, you know how to code? Will you hack my neighbor’s WiFi?”

What was the first thing you failed at?
Adding on to my 1-hit-streak in my first (and only) season of little league baseball. It was almost one for the record books.

If you could do anything other than advertising, what would it be?
I’d make a super-trill rapper.

What is the best memory you had from your childhood?
Playing Green Day covers at my 5th grade talent show. I think the fame went to my head a little bit.

Who’s the person in your life you look up to the most?
The man taking my order from inside the taco truck.

What do you look forward to the most every day?
If I’m being good, the road ahead of me. If I’m not, my cell phone.

Would you rather only listen to Nickelback songs or reread all 56 pages of iTunes’ terms and conditions, every day for the rest of your life.
NICKELBACK ALL DAY. C’mon, there are some decent cuts from the older years. I don’t celebrate their entire catalog, just the pre-2005 stuff!

Nice to Meet You: Mason Schmitt

Role at FoxFuel:



What’s Your Favorite…

Show on Netflix?
Whatever is playing in the background while I get distracted by the internet.

Happy place in Nashville?
FoxFuel Creative and High Garden Tea

Favorite beer?
Hopslam Ale, Bells Brewery

80’s hair band?
I was born in 1996.

Book that describes your life?
I’m more of a podcast kind of girl. You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes is my favorite.

Fictional character?
Sigourney Weaver

All About Mason

Where were you born?
In a hospital.

What is the most frustrating question, comment, or feedback you get related to work?
“Don’t worry about it.” Too late boss. Too late.

If you could do anything other than advertising, what would it be?
Run my own small family farm.

What is an embarrassing memory you had from your childhood?
One time, at tennis camp, all the big kids were hopping the fence to go to the snack shack. I wanted to hang with the big kids so I had to hop the fence too. I got to the top of the fence then fell onto the ground, yet my shorts remained on the fence having ripped clean off of my body. The big kids were not sympathetic.

Who’s the person in your life you look up to the most?
My best friend Nic. He’s pretty tall (He’s also incredibly hardworking and creative.).

What do you look forward to the most every day?
My evening phone call with Tom Hanks.

How did you get so awesome?
That’s classified.

A Big Life Step For FoxFuel


Fast-growing marketing agency strikes deal for SoBro building

Jul 20, 2017, 2:31pm CDT

For the owners of a fast-growing marketing agency, a commercial shoot next week with Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota has crystallized why the company is expanding yet again — this time into a high-profile part of downtown.

Read the rest of this article in the Nashville Business Journal.

In Good Spirits


Dark and mysterious but all sweet underneath

AKA your standard Manhattan

Liquor of Choice: Makers



2 1/2 ounces Maker’s Mark bourbon
1/2 ounce French sweet vermouth, preferably Dolin Rouge
2 dashes Fee Brothers cherry bitters
4 to 5 drops maraschino cherry juice
1 Maraschino cherry, for garnish


In a mixing glass, combine the bourbon, sweet vermouth, bitters and maraschino cherry juice. Fill the mixing glass with ice and stir well. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with the maraschino cherry.

Where FoxFuel Gets Them

Skull’s Rainbow Room


Introducing: The Interns

Being an intern is “fun.” Sometimes we feel completely and utterly lost but mostly excited to learn.

giphy (1)

Being an intern is like learning how to swim by being pushed into a pool; you freak out at first but then you learn pretty fast and there’s usually a lifeguard close by if you need help. This summer, FoxFuel shoved three young noobs in the deep end…


Intern 1: Taylor Wurth

University of Kentucky

This sarcastic but sweet Marketing intern is a student of Marketing and Management, International Business, and Social Enterprises at the University of Kentucky. This hip, young mamma jamma is creative, detail-oriented, and has a Gilmore Girls quote for literally every situation. When asked what Hogwarts house she would belong to, she said “Hufflepuff” and I trusted her because Hufflepuffs seem to always know that they’re Hufflepuffs. Taylor has high spirits, loves football, and told me that she is “confident that [her] bloodstream is 50% sweet tea and 50% coffee.” I said, “I don’t believe you.”

Intern 2: Sydney Moore

University of Tennessee

Sydney’s a quick-learning, Disney-loving, Marketing Intern. She is brought to you by UT Knoxville where she is earning a degree in Advertising with a double minor in Business and Psychology. This jive-time turkey is always on time, likes to touch cats, and can type SEVENTY words per minute (color yourselves impressed). When I asked her what Hogwarts House she would be in, she said “I’ve never been a big Harry Potter fan,” and then spelled Gryffindor wrong. We’re not mad Sydney, we’re just disappointed.

And finally…

Intern 3: Mason Schmitt

Belmont University

Oh hi, that’s me. I’m Mason. I’m just your typical teen (in her twenties). I love to garden, knit, bake treats for my grandkids, and feed the birds. You know, just normal #TeenStuff. I tell people that I am a senior songwriting major (seriously, who let me in here) at Belmont University, which is a true fact. I also tell people that John Stamos is my dad, which is not true but gets a laugh approximately an eighth of the time.


Altogether, we make the 2017 Summer Swim Team at FoxFuel. Though sometimes we feel like little baby business birds, nodding and pretending to know what a UVP is, we were recently reminded that we did not just stumble in off of the street but were in fact chosen for these positions. It takes more than an impressive resume and a fancy skill or two to catch a Fox’s eye. These guys look for a potential and posture for growth. So far, they’ve been pretty great teachers, and we all feel excited to be part of a kickass team!


Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 8.39.40 AM
Taylor (left), Mason (middle), Sydney (right)

The Man Behind The Beard


In 2009, a beard joined Twitter. This beard set out to tweet daily insight that was “as wise as [his] username implied”. That username was @LeeClowsBeard.

Hold up, have you heard of Lee Clow?

He’s a big deal. People know him.
(He and this guy named Steve Jobs were tight.)

Best known for Apple’s “Think Different” campaign in 1984, Clow is highly respected as “the ad industry’s Creative Godfather” – way cooler than your average nickname.

For three years, the identity of the man behind the growingly famous Beard remained one big sexy mystery, constantly challenging the general perception of creativity and demanding risk and grit. These little nuggets of wisdom eventually came together in the form of a book when the man behind the hashtags was finally revealed.

The man’s name is Jason Fox. (Yes, Fox…coincidence? We think not.) He’s an enterprising, Omaha-based, freelance copywriter and the man behind Advertising’s favorite Twitter account. And he’s coming over for drinks next month.

Jason Fox has agreed to be a Guest Professor at our next FoxFuel University session. If you want insight into his creative experience, his time spent with one of the most respected minds in advertising, or just want to know how he crams so much wisdom in 140 characters, sign up to join us.

I’m in.

Just a few of our favorite LCB moments…