Seeking an Account Executive

Who We Are

We believe creativity is best when it is simple, honest and based on strategy. Through collaboration with our client’s experience and our marketing expertise, we guide solutions between sophistication and rebellion.

Who You Are

You are incredibly detail-oriented. We always know that when we ask something of you, it will be done and done well. You build strong relationships with clients and effectively manage projects from concept to completion. You’re also good at hounding people until they deliver what they promise in a way that doesn’t make them hate you. The chosen candidate will thrive in a fast-paced environment, be driven, ambitious, passionate, self-starting, and all those other buzz words on job listings. (But really, it’s a very fast-paced environment, so you have to be all those words.)

You Definitely Have

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, management, business or related field
  • Almost-annoying (but not quite) attention to detail
  • Ability to write and communicate in a way that makes people feel calm and supported when you’re telling them that they’re wrong and you’re right
  • 2-4 years of account experience at an agency or an impressive history working in a company’s marketing department
  • Strong ability to respond and adapt to unexpected change
  • Ability to take notes that make everyone really happy you’re around
  • The passion and ability to form long-term, close relationships with clients

You Probably Have

  • Experience writing strategic marketing plans
  • Preternatural fear of missing a deadline for a client
  • Experience as the main liaison between an agency and its clients
  • Confidence in driving projects forward and pressing coworkers forward to deliver projects on time
  • Working knowledge of Google Analytics, SEO best practices, modern user experience standards
  • Ability to critically evaluate a client’s needs to proactively research and present solutions
  • Flexibility to work occasional nights or weekends
  • Love for keeping up with the latest trends and tools in marketing, social media, and technology
  • Great joke at the ready
  • Solid go-to Karaoke song

What You’ll Do

  • Own and manage clients that are entrusted to you
  • Field and manage projects to meet expectations and timelines
  • Coordinate with vendors and media to craft strategic campaigns and ship programs on or ahead of deadline
  • Manage invoicing and budgets for assigned clients
  • Build out proposals and presentation decks for client pitches
  • Present creative work to the client for feedback and approval
  • Prepare reports on campaign effectiveness and budget progress
  • Attend networking events to establish new client relationships and potential partners
  • Certain operational tasks and errands as requested – we’re a small team, we all share the responsibility of the “little things”
  • Take the fox on walks (we don’t have a fox, but if we did, you’d have to walk it)

To apply to be an Account Executive, send your resume, cover letter, and something funny to

BONUS (because we’re like the cool professors you had in college):

If you feel so inclined, you can submit a video with your resume to give us a little sneak peek at your personality. In that video, answer these 4 questions:

1. What are your career goals as they currently stand? No pressure, most of us don’t know what we want to be when we grow up either.

2. What is your greatest strength in a professional setting? Aka, what do you offer that no one else can?

3. What is your greatest weakness in a professional setting? Aka, what’s that thing that you have to rely on your team for?

4. Why do you want to work at FoxFuel? We don’t actually have a live fox, so if that’s your reason, we probably won’t work out.

Good luck! Hope to see you around the office soon.


Lipscomb Is Hiring a Director of Digital Marketing

FoxFuel recently landed Lipscomb College of Business as a client, and as we do with all good clients, we help them find top talent to flesh out their marketing teams.  Apply through their site, and feel free to CC me, or let me know that you’ve applied (you must apply through their site), and I can put in a good word. Here’s a few excerpts from their job posting:


Primary Responsibility:

Responsible for the ongoing development and management of all digital assets used in marketing including, but not limited to, the university marketing website(s) as well as social media/networking sites. The candidate must also have proven ability to effectively collaborate with partners across the university to implement digital content and online marketing activities that are aligned with the university’s brand, values and goals.

Job Related Skills:

  • Commitment to the University and its mission, programs, and future aspirations
  • Strong, collaborative, energetic individual with a deep personal commitment to the highest standards of ethics, confidentiality and professionalism
  • Strong organizational skills and an appreciation and attention to detail
  • Ability to communicate effectively with University representatives, parents, students, alumni, donors and representatives of the business community
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

A results-oriented individual who demonstrates the ability to work well with people at all levels of an organization, warmly develops relationships with diverse constituencies, and simultaneously employs keen judgment.

Experience: A minimum of five to seven years experience in digital marketing.

Hiring Statement:

Lipscomb University is a private, Christian university associated with the fellowship of the Church of Christ and governed by religious tenets held by the Church of Christ. Preference will be given to applicants who are members of the Church of Christ.

Check out the full job posting here: Director of Digital Marketing.

Good luck.

A Note From The CEO: What I Love Most About FoxFuel Employees

We’re an organization made up of people I love. They are more important to me than our clients, our reputation, or even their specific role within our company. Things happen from time to time that let you step back and think about why you’re in this game, and why you invite others to join.  I’m flying back from a short turnaround trip and I started thinking about why we started FoxFuel, and why I love this bunch.


Rachel was my first hire ever as a professional. She will tell you that was abundantly clear in our first year together. She’s kind and caring where I’m too aggressive and opinionated. She’s the yin to my yang and clients love her. She’s the buffer to my direct approach and our culture wouldn’t be the same without her.

John Paul is getting better and better at thinking about the big picture and identifying the creative elements to tack onto something to make it even better. He has his ear to the ground for new coding technologies and toolsets to help us keep staying at the bleeding edge of innovation in the digital space. He’s also the funniest FoxFueler and he’s amazingly self-aware. John Paul makes meta-level jokes that keep me rolling.

Travis is unbelievably thorough. I respect this as I have to review every project before it goes to a client and catch all the improvements that have to be made. Even though he’s not even a partner, he approaches his work like his own name is signed at the bottom of each website, and looks for opportunities to make each project sing.  He’s great at working with a team to nail the intent of the higher vision.  This dude isn’t a task checker, he thinks about the client and what they need.

(Our development team gets offers every other week or so and they don’t even entertain them. Offers from bigger agencies in the region to competitive shops right across the street. Our developers are unbelievably talented and thus, highly sought after once another shop see our portfolio of projects. Pretty proud to have them onboard.)

Kelsey loves all aspects of the agency life. She doesn’t just want to know what you have to do to be a good designer, she wants to know what you have to do to help the agency – in everything from accounting to strategy to coding. She’s made it clear that she’s committed to FoxFuel and I love that she wants to help build us into something great.

Henry has twice the professional experience and he served as the COO of another Nashville agency that I respected. He led a team at Dell for 12 years, yet, he stepped into his role at FoxFuel saying “I want to learn digital and help you all create beautiful work.”  He’s like a big brother to half of our account team, and I feel like we hit the lottery the day he asked to join the team.

Amelia moved a couple hundred miles just to work with us and I’m so glad she made the trek. I threw her in the deep end with a client who is difficult to impress (cough, Mike Kopp). She wins people over with her charm, attentiveness and follow-up on projects. She’s a peach.

Charlyn is the rock that can weather any storm. She takes critiques well, and she can adapt to almost any situation you throw at her. She’s competitive, which gives her this enviable drive, but she softens her interactions and layers in a reassuring confidence. Also, her son is probably my favorite three-year-old.

Andy left an independent freelancer role with some solid brands to join our team. He and I have a lot in common, although we approach things from opposite ends of the spectrum. He loves stepping up into responsibility and he’s not content to sit back and wait for you to ask something of him. He hit the ground running and that’s a necessity at FoxFuel.

Mary quite literally runs my life – professionally speaking. She is the most layered person at FoxFuel. You wouldn’t think that the girl that loves glitter and shimmies when excited would have gotten a tattoo after a man on the streets of Nepal said “Hey, you wanna tattoo? 10 bucks.” She’s got a servant’s heart and I wish I had more of her humble attitude.

Mary Ellen loves thinking about the end user and how creative interacts with digital. We desperately needed someone who could help bridge that gap and Mary Ellen is the woman to do it. She’s got a brain in both worlds and she’s going to do great things at FoxFuel.

Joe is the calm calculator behind the fury that is FoxFuel.  The dude brings some level-headed logic that is very much needed to my manic energy.  I could write about 5 pages on what both partners bring to the table, just know that this guy is the technical brain that makes much of our art come to life.

Michael is my foil and counterpart.  This guy brings the art to the passion I throw at things.  He’s got the highest emotional IQ of anyone at FoxFuel and he immediately knows how to craft a story in the perspective of the person you’re approaching.  The dude is also sarcastic to a level that rivals his wit, and his “narration of someone else’s daily thoughts” joke slays me every time.

To close, I love these folks. Thanks to this crew, I don’t go to work everyday, I go to hang out with friends and enjoy a day full of new experiences.  I hope your job offers the same.

Newcomer Agency of the Year Nominee

FoxFuel Creative Named Finalist in North American Excellence Awards


NASHVILLE, TENN. (Feb 2, 2016) – Nashville-based FoxFuel Creative announced today it is a top three nominee for the North American Excellence Awards Newcomer Agency of the Year.

Colton Finger Guns

PEW PEW PEW (Colton’s finger pistol noises)

(Here’s our actual FoxFuel inside the office language) Holy crap, we are BLOWING UP!

“We have clients that trust us and give us an open launchpad to conceptualize, execute and deliver on the great creative ideas that come from our collaboration,” said CEO Colton Mulligan.

“Six months ago we were working in my basement, then we moved into a Nashville high rise, and now we’ve been recognized by the North American Excellence Awards as a finalist for the Newcomer Agency of the Year. I can’t believe that we started from the bottom, and now we’re here.”

The North American Excellence Awards is a global organization which hosts a yearly award ceremony to honor the most outstanding achievements of marketing and communications professionals in the field. The jury is comprised of 30 leading professionals from companies like Visa, Coca-Cola, Marriott, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This year, the organization received over 2,600 applications. 

Winners in other categories include:

  • Southwest Airlines – Communications Team of the Year
  • ESPN – Entertainment and Culture
  • Mars Food – Food and Beverage
  • Special Olympics World Games – Change Communication
  • Southern Comfort – Launch
  • Taylor Guitars – Relaunch 
  • PepsiCo – Issues and Reputation Management

A complete list can be found here.

These are the other winners—basically this is who we’ll get to celebrate with in April when we go to the New York awards show: Volvo, Dell, MasterCard, Visa, Epson, Whirlpool, Bank of America, Citi, Unilever, Novartis, Maytag, Boston Market, Colgate-Palmolive, Microsoft, Samsung, ConAgra, Subaru, Philips, Delta Faucet, CSX, Lockheed Martin, and KAYAK.

To be honest we don’t really know why we won, but here are some projects we think had something to do with it (or check out this weird blog post Colton wrote explaining what we do, by comparing it to his philosophy on dating in Nashville).

Saint Thomas Health
Nashville Goes Red


Agent Village
Real Estate Web App

Saint Thomas Health


Oceans Healthcare

Ben Folds

Kid President
Kid President Live


About FoxFuel Creative

Creativity is best when it is simple, honest and based on strategy. Through collaboration with our clients’ experience and FoxFuel’s marketing expertise, we make relevant and powerful connections with an intended audience. Founded on January 1, 2015, we are located in the L&C tower at 401 Church Street Suite 1400, Nashville, TN 37219. More at

Colton Mulligan
CEO, FoxFuel Creative LLC
(615) 933-9369

Download our media kit.

How To Get a Job In Advertising

(Or at least, how to get a job at FoxFuel)

FoxFuel is growing at a furious pace. Recently, I interviewed 17 people in three days. I want to make your job of getting a job easier, so I have a few pointers:

1. Arrive 5-15 minutes early for your interview.  It takes 5 minutes to get from a parking spot into our office.  Arriving earlier than that makes it awkward for me and for you.  Arriving 2 minutes late and its unlikely I’m going to hire you unless you have a great excuse and you’re super honest about it.

2. Be memorable.  With the volume of resumes and cover letters I have to look at, they all blur together.  Sometimes separating yourself is as simple as writing an honest / unique cover letter. Someone who takes 30-60 seconds to record a video telling us why they want to work at FoxFuel can convey their personality, passion and creativity. We are a creative agency and our employees have personalities that demonstrate this, if you can’t do something inventive to get a job here, then we we don’t need to waste your time by bringing you in for an interview.

3. Prove that you are worth our time.  We have 40-60 applicants for any new position. We bill our time at $125-$175 an hour. In the back of my mind, I’m probably thinking about the things I should be doing for clients right now. I’m also thinking that if I was working on client strategy rather than interviewing you, I could bill that time and buy a brand new Keurig, record player, drone battery or dairy-free cookie bouquet for the office.

4. Ask me more questions than I ask you.  I’m inquisitive by nature and so is FoxFuel, that’s why we’re great at what we do. If I’m interviewing you, it’s because you’re going to work with me, and we have to have that in common. If not, then I don’t even consider whether you’re funny or you’ve got big brands on your resume, or you speak 4 languages.

5. Be succinct in your answers.  I’m super long-winded in life, but curt and quick in interviews. I have a limited amount of time to get to know you; answer each question directly with the best stuff you’ve got, and don’t take more than 60 seconds. I’ll let you tell me as much as you want to, but if you take 15 minutes to tell me about how your first job out of college taught you to always spell check your emails, then you wasted 14 minutes where you could have told me about the web project you managed start to finish, or the stunt you pulled to land a million dollar account.


At our last company meeting, we went around talking about why we liked working at FoxFuel, during our respective turns, we were the three that cried.

6. Research our company.  This is a lot like a date in modern times.  I expect that you’ve scoped us out online, read our blog and critiqued our Instagram photos.  Hopefully, that’s how you found this blog post.  If you didn’t stalk us, you just lost points and you probably aren’t going to get the job.  I need people who want to work here more than anywhere else in Nashville because that’s how the rest of our company is, and each of us started that way on our first day. We want people who are passionate about their job. After college, you are going to spend more time with the people you work with than you will with your parents, dog, significant other, or roommate.  We’re all here because we absolutely love each other, we want to be here, and we have a ton of fun.  Let me know that you want to spend 160 hours a month with us.

7. Stay in touch with us. If we don’t hire you at first, come to our mixers, hang out at Skull’s, start going to NAMA and AIGA events. We’re hiring a person each week right now and we might find a role for you in the next 30 days.

*BONUS! Here’s the interview format. (Kudos to you for finding this blog post, I wanted to reward you):

1. You tell me who you are as a person, aside from your career, in 30 seconds. I want to know what you’re passionate about in life.

2. You tell me what you’ve done professionally that makes you a good fit for the position, in 1 minute.

3. You ask questions about the job, the company, or me.

4. I ask deeper questions about your career history.

5. I talk you OUT of working at FoxFuel (more on that in the next blog post.  There are 7 reasons.)

That’s it.  Good luck.  Whether you work at FoxFuel or elsewhere, I hope you find a place where you love what you do.


Colton is the CEO of FoxFuel Creative. If you want to know more about what he thinks we do, read HR Hates Me: Companies Dating Clients.  If you want to know where the company is headed, check out From Basement to High Rise in 6 Months. #HaveFun

HR Hates Me: Companies Dating Clients

Laurie Gunnells and Colton Mulligan

Laurie Gunnells, my PCBF

Laurie Gunnells is my PCBFF (Post College Best Female Friend). We’ve known each other for six years and until four months ago, if you asked her what FoxFuel does, she would say “They do something with Google, and Colton pays for a lot of lunches and happy hours.”

While this is technically accurate, I quickly realized that as part of a creative agency, I should be able to describe what we do in a fashion that is simple enough that a friend could understand it and explain it to someone else.

As I’ve worked to figure out how to articulate who we are and what we do, I’ve found that marketing is actually a lot like dating–there are a few key things you have to get right:

  1. Persona: Who are you and what do you have to offer?

When you go on a first date, you aren’t offering a meal and transport between 2-3 destinations; you’re offering an experience.

Clients who offer a product instead of or without an experience are set to fail. Consumers aren’t satisfied with a book or a tricycle or a drone–they want to expand their knowledge of the world, create memories with their daughter, or find a new perspective that was previously unreachable.

A pretty face isn’t enough for a lasting relationship; your partner needs to understand who you are and what kind of value they receive in committing to you. If you can’t demonstrate that value, you’ll find your customer, or that potential partner you’re pursuing, running off to someone else.

  1. Presentation: What do you wear on a first date?

Once you know who you are and what you stand for, how do you communicate that? Do you sport the suit and tie to immediately communicate that you’re professional, confident and impressive? Maybe you wear jeans and a v-neck to say that you’re cool, easy-going and practical. Or do you wear a tank top and a fedora to let them know that you’re finishing up magic school and you’ve written letters to MTV to get Jersey Shore back on the air?

For a brand, their suit is their business card, their jeans are their website, their fedora their mug, you get the idea. Your presentation matters and you never know when you’ll encounter your next client or lover, so you’d better get dressed and look the part.

  1. Presence: How do you find the one?

When you’re dating, you have to know where to find your type. Should you spend time at a Broadway Honky Tonk looking for a single bachelorette from out of town?  Or maybe a bar on Demonbreun to meet a Vandy freshman with a fake ID? How bout a classy throwback speakeasy for a professional with a refined palette or a laid-back hipster?

In marketing, it’s just as important to know where to be present. Maybe you’re a B2B company targeting Fortune 500 companies on LinkedIn. Athletic clothing retailer? Jumbo Tron space at Bridgestone and Titan’s Stadium might be more up your alley. Or maybe you’re offering knee replacements to 70-year-old men scrolling through Facebook to see if their old high school buddies can still climb the stairs.

No matter what your type, you need to know where to find them.

At FoxFuel, we help companies date their customers.

We’re like a cross between:

Will Smith in Hitch

Will Smith Hitch

“Like I always tell my clients – begin each day as if it were on purpose.”


The Wolf in Pulp Fiction

Winston Wolf solves problems

*I wrote a paper in college where I said that in 10 Years I wanted to be “The Wolf” of a creative agency. I’m 2 years away, and I hope I’m getting close.


“I’m Winston Wolf, I solve problems” 

How does the matchmaking process work? It all comes back to those 3 little P words:

Persona: We develop your logo, tagline, unique value proposition, and voice for presentation.

Presentation: We’ll concept, design and develop everything from your app and website to video work and powerpoint presentations so you look the part and have a cohesive message.

Presence: We segment your audience, research the market and your competition to give you a plan, and make your voice heard through channels like Google AdWords, Facebook ads, tv spots, drip email campaigns, YouTube pre-roll, radio, billboards, newspapers, trade rags, gorilla marketing, sponsorships, trade shows and more.

Experience and commitment are the two key factors here that will determine your success, which is why I’m so good at marketing, yet so terrible at dating. 


Colton is the CEO and chief strategist of FoxFuel creative. He has understated how good he is at marketing, as well as how bad he is at dating. To compensate, he drives a 1967 GTO and a 1980 Honda Motorcycle. #HaveFun

What 2015 Holds For Marketing

2015 is the year of collaboration. Marketing has gone digital for over a decade now and big brands are giving away the research, the tactics, and the means to buy media. Cheap and easy access means clients are demanding more of their agencies. To stay relevant, we have to adapt and collaborate.

Adapt: Depth Over Breadth

Ten years ago, agencies were clammering to beef up their shop, building multiple divisions under one roof. The result is an entity that is self-reliant, driven by agency profit, and is now falling short. We’ve seen a shift in client focus as they seek quality and innovation. More and more, decisions are based on what’s best for the work rather than what’s best for the bottom line.

A change in focus means a change in demand. Marketers hold more value in their ability to provide the best version of one thing than they would in providing the acceptable version of everything. What does that mean for marketers? Know what you’re good at, own it, and don’t be afraid to be transparent about the rest.

Collaborate: One Stop, Many Shops

Clients may only want the best, but they still want the best of everything. In Nashville, the call for quality has resulted in several different hyperfocused companies who are excellent at what they do. But while they’re providing the quality shop by shop, the separation requires extra effort from the client to juggle the various pieces for their brand.

There is an alternative to the circus act: collaboration.

If we–the creative agencies, tech companies, digital strategists, hyperfocused creators–can work together to combine forces and create truly innovative and pristine products, we can present our clients with perfectly packaged solutions that win for everyone.

FoxFuel and the Nashville Network

Here at FoxFuel, we have developed a habit (one that we’ll continue) of partnering with brilliant people in Nashville who have cornered the market in their area of expertise.

This habit has developed into a valuable skill set. Networking, brainstorming, and creating with other rising innovative talents in our city serves our clients better than building our own internal war chest of capabilities. While we never want to take credit for the genius behind the companies that we partner with, we do pride ourselves on the ability to meet and vet other passionate companies that can improve the ideas and concepts that we seek to deliver for clients.

We build relationships with these partners and maintain transparency with our clients. We won’t hide our collaborations; on the contrary, we want to make sure that our clients know we have the best of the best contributing to their brand.

We do all of this because the secret in the sauce for great marketing is literally the brain between our ears. This is greatness that fuels greatness in others, ignites innovation, and refuses to be extinguished.

To further demonstrate the growing relational culture of Nashville’s marketing world, we’ve invited a few great minds to speak to what they see for their industry in 2015. We didn’t ask for their secret to success or the 12 tips for content marketing; we asked them to speak to what they’re passionate about and its place in a changing industry.


Colton Mulligan is the Chief Executive Officer at FoxFuel Creative, where he drives strategy, partnerships and collaboration on behalf of their clients.