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April Fools' Gold

Apr. 2017

Each year on April 1st, the biggest and brightest talent in the digital world get together and produce what might be their proudest work—April Fools’ Day jokes. This year, April Fools did not let anyone down. With several companies going all out on a production level, let’s just say the talent lineup was spectacular. And though many gave it their best effort, there were a few that stood out amongst them all.


Quilted Northern Rustic Weave

Quilted Northern tapped into a fast-growing demographic of the natural and locally made artisan movement. What they created hit the nail right on the head. 


Mark Zuckerberg for H&M

This one is a joke for the tech guys who, when it comes to wardrobe, prefer the familiar. And though it was not made by H&M themselves, kudos to the guys who had the brain and savvy to pull it off.



This Airbnb spinoff offers lairs for rent from Superheros and fairytale characters.


John Stamos and Netflix

Our clear winner is Netflix, along with everyone’s favorite Uncle Jesse.

Step 1, a ridiculous and obviously fake documentary:  


Step 2, a meltdown that would strike terror into poor little Michelle:  


Step 3, a warm and fuzzy apology:  


Thanks for laugh, ya fools.

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