Nice to Meet You: Rachel Figley

Role at FoxFuel:
Account Executive



Fig Favorites

Show on Netflix
Supernatural. Don’t you judge me, it’s beautiful men with big guns blowing up evil things–who wouldn’t love that? #TeamDean

Happy Place in Nashville
Full of margaritas and homeboys at Taco Mamacita’s patio. (The homeboy is a taco, geez, what kinda gal do you think I am?)

Fictional Character
Thor. The Hemsworth version.

I still have a purple sticky note that my dad left in my apartment my first year of grad school. Simply said he’s proud of me–not what I’ve done, but of who I am. That’s my favorite.

80’s Hair Band
Ugh, this is a terrible question. How in the world am I supposed to choose between Def Leppard, Quiet Riot, and Guns ‘N’ Roses?

Book That Best Describes Your Life
Walden. Not really, but there’s a huge part of me that desperately wants to live in a cabin in the woods with my dog and a boat.

All About Rachel

Where were you born?
Holmesville, Ohio. I think it’s technically a village. More cows than people kind of place.

What is the most frustrating question, comment, or feedback you get related to work?
FoxFuel as a whole loves people well, so it’s pretty frustrating when folks try to take advantage of a kind heart. BUT, I’m very encouraged by the kickass teams in Nashville, particularly in the creative space, who are trying to break through the “dog-eat-dog” mentality that’s standard in the corporate world. We’ll go further collaborating.

What was the first thing you failed at?
Stage fright in 4th grade. Mom made me sing a song she liked instead of one I liked. I wore flower pants and a turtleneck tank top (also mom’s choice), got up there and immediately forgot all the words. Stood on the stage while the entire 2:47 accompaniment track played. Still got a coupon for a free bowl at Wayne Lanes, though.

If you could do anything other than advertising, what would it be?
*Eye Roll* Music. Music was my life in Ohio–haven’t played since I moved to Music City. I guess I didn’t want to be “one of those”. I’d say that’s another failure in my life–giving up something I love for something as worthless as pride.

What is the best memory you had from your childhood?
It’ll take too long to sort through them, but I’ll tell you one of my favorites. It was the day Ted Nugent taught me swearing is ok sometimes. I must have been 9 or 10 and dad had the Spirit of the Wild album playing in his truck. He’d forgotten his wallet in the house, so he was hopping out just as “Kiss My Ass” (track 9) came on. He went to change it, paused with his finger on the skip button and said, “Nah it’s a good message, be yourself,” and walked inside. And now you know where Rachel’s swearing problem started.

Who’s the person in your life you look up to the most?
Can I choose a type of person instead of one individual? I look up to the folks in my life who treat others exceptionally well and ask nothing in return. We all talk a good game, but that’s an incredibly difficult (and unfortunately rare) way of life.

What do you look forward to the most each day?
My brain likes to dig into the root of problems and it’s very easy for me to get stuck there. So, I take 2-3 minutes every day to write 3 things I’m thankful for; it helps me get my head in a healthy and positive place.

If you had to choose between wearing a pair of black Reebok Work N’ Cushion shoes everyday for the rest of your life or always having to speak in the third person, which would you choose?
I don’t really like to wear shoes in general, so I’ll go with third person.

Take a Sad Song and Make It Better

There was never any doubt that Sir George Martin changed the landscape of pop music. He produced the best-selling single of all time, “Candle in the Wind.” He also created string arrangements for Dire Straits and recorded Cheap Trick, Jeff Beck, and America. But his legacy will be his work with The Beatles.


He was uncomfortable with the label “The 5th Beatle.” But, who would they be without him? He pushed them into unknown territory and gave them freedom to roam. Their imaginations exploded into complex layers of sounds that continue to affect music lovers today.

No one at FoxFuel was alive during Beatlemania, but almost everyone can point to a gateway song that led to a healthy music addiction. Through the songs of The Beatles, George Martin affected our lives long after his work ended, and his work will continue to influence people long after his life has ended.

Here are some of our favorites:

Kelsey – “Here Comes the Sun” I loved the mirroring of the melody in the guitar and the vocals.

Charlyn – “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” It plays at the end of Across the Universe. I found out way too late in the game that it was about LSD!

Andy – “I am the Walrus” This song is really weird but, at the same time, really catchy. It also influenced so much 1970’s music, like David Bowie.

Amelia – I don’t know. It was before my time.

Henry – “Norwegian Wood” The Beatles were so cool at the time, but this song is all about a woman who doesn’t want them. Plus, this album drove Brian Wilson to create Pet Sounds.

Rachel – Oh man… I’m a Stones fan.

John Paul – “Eleanor Rigby” This song has beautiful storytelling and great use of Dorian mode, which is not heard a lot in pop music.

Mary – I actually don’t listen to The Beatles. I like The Monkees. But, I like “Hey Jude.”

Travis – I like the Revolver album, but I haven’t listened to them in so long. I could go back to the album and try to remember what I liked when I was 10, if you want.

Mary Ellen – “Strawberry Fields” It’s all about the poetry and instrumentation. Plus, it’s whimsical.

Joe – “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” Early on, I was not a big fan of The Beatles. This was one of the songs that changed that. It came down to the melodies.

Michael – Abbey Road is my favorite album. I love the medley of songs at the end. The way they string a series of songs together and hit the older themes is awesome.

Colton – “Golden Slumbers” into “Carry that Weight” I like the way it tells 20% of a story, and I love the way those two songs build and compliment each other.

RIP George Martin
January 3, 1926 – March 8, 2016


FoxFuel Record Player

“Abbey Road” is a favorite around the FoxFuel office.

A Note From The CEO: What I Love Most About FoxFuel Employees

We’re an organization made up of people I love. They are more important to me than our clients, our reputation, or even their specific role within our company. Things happen from time to time that let you step back and think about why you’re in this game, and why you invite others to join.  I’m flying back from a short turnaround trip and I started thinking about why we started FoxFuel, and why I love this bunch.


Rachel was my first hire ever as a professional. She will tell you that was abundantly clear in our first year together. She’s kind and caring where I’m too aggressive and opinionated. She’s the yin to my yang and clients love her. She’s the buffer to my direct approach and our culture wouldn’t be the same without her.

John Paul is getting better and better at thinking about the big picture and identifying the creative elements to tack onto something to make it even better. He has his ear to the ground for new coding technologies and toolsets to help us keep staying at the bleeding edge of innovation in the digital space. He’s also the funniest FoxFueler and he’s amazingly self-aware. John Paul makes meta-level jokes that keep me rolling.

Travis is unbelievably thorough. I respect this as I have to review every project before it goes to a client and catch all the improvements that have to be made. Even though he’s not even a partner, he approaches his work like his own name is signed at the bottom of each website, and looks for opportunities to make each project sing.  He’s great at working with a team to nail the intent of the higher vision.  This dude isn’t a task checker, he thinks about the client and what they need.

(Our development team gets offers every other week or so and they don’t even entertain them. Offers from bigger agencies in the region to competitive shops right across the street. Our developers are unbelievably talented and thus, highly sought after once another shop see our portfolio of projects. Pretty proud to have them onboard.)

Kelsey loves all aspects of the agency life. She doesn’t just want to know what you have to do to be a good designer, she wants to know what you have to do to help the agency – in everything from accounting to strategy to coding. She’s made it clear that she’s committed to FoxFuel and I love that she wants to help build us into something great.

Henry has twice the professional experience and he served as the COO of another Nashville agency that I respected. He led a team at Dell for 12 years, yet, he stepped into his role at FoxFuel saying “I want to learn digital and help you all create beautiful work.”  He’s like a big brother to half of our account team, and I feel like we hit the lottery the day he asked to join the team.

Amelia moved a couple hundred miles just to work with us and I’m so glad she made the trek. I threw her in the deep end with a client who is difficult to impress (cough, Mike Kopp). She wins people over with her charm, attentiveness and follow-up on projects. She’s a peach.

Charlyn is the rock that can weather any storm. She takes critiques well, and she can adapt to almost any situation you throw at her. She’s competitive, which gives her this enviable drive, but she softens her interactions and layers in a reassuring confidence. Also, her son is probably my favorite three-year-old.

Andy left an independent freelancer role with some solid brands to join our team. He and I have a lot in common, although we approach things from opposite ends of the spectrum. He loves stepping up into responsibility and he’s not content to sit back and wait for you to ask something of him. He hit the ground running and that’s a necessity at FoxFuel.

Mary quite literally runs my life – professionally speaking. She is the most layered person at FoxFuel. You wouldn’t think that the girl that loves glitter and shimmies when excited would have gotten a tattoo after a man on the streets of Nepal said “Hey, you wanna tattoo? 10 bucks.” She’s got a servant’s heart and I wish I had more of her humble attitude.

Mary Ellen loves thinking about the end user and how creative interacts with digital. We desperately needed someone who could help bridge that gap and Mary Ellen is the woman to do it. She’s got a brain in both worlds and she’s going to do great things at FoxFuel.

Joe is the calm calculator behind the fury that is FoxFuel.  The dude brings some level-headed logic that is very much needed to my manic energy.  I could write about 5 pages on what both partners bring to the table, just know that this guy is the technical brain that makes much of our art come to life.

Michael is my foil and counterpart.  This guy brings the art to the passion I throw at things.  He’s got the highest emotional IQ of anyone at FoxFuel and he immediately knows how to craft a story in the perspective of the person you’re approaching.  The dude is also sarcastic to a level that rivals his wit, and his “narration of someone else’s daily thoughts” joke slays me every time.

To close, I love these folks. Thanks to this crew, I don’t go to work everyday, I go to hang out with friends and enjoy a day full of new experiences.  I hope your job offers the same.

Advertising on Facebook? 3 Updates You Should Know About

If you’re part of the marketing world, you know that there is a constant struggle in determining which advertising outlet will effectively spread brand recognition. Year to year, different social and interactive platforms compete for title of best advertising platform, and 2015 was no exception.

Last year’s biggest player in social advertising was Facebook whose ad revenue had a 41% increase in 2015. The ads are working, and they’re working well. Let’s take a look at a few ways social giant has stepped up their ad game:

Lead Generation Ads
We all know the value–and the challenge–of getting a user from click to conversion. Facebook came out with an innovative way to approach this problem with their Lead Ads” solution. This feature populates forms with any information already available on the user’s profile, minimizing the effort needed from the user.

In 2015, Facebook had an increase in geotagged ads due to both updates to their targeting system and an increase in mobile users. The geotagging feature allows local businesses to target customers not only by demographic, but also by location. This hyper-targeting system has allowed advertisers to target consumers as narrowly as a 1-mile radius.

“Fast forward five years…it’s going to be video.”

Mark Zuckerberg on primary content shared by users

Without a doubt, video advertisements are quickly becoming the most effective form of advertising on Facebook. According to Facebook, there were eight billion average daily video views in 2015, up from four billion views in April; a 100% increase in a seven-month period. The success rate of video advertising has helped raise Facebook’s ad revenue by 45% in 2015.