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HR Hates Me: Companies Dating Clients

Laurie Gunnells and Colton Mulligan

Laurie Gunnells, my PCBF

Laurie Gunnells is my PCBFF (Post College Best Female Friend). We’ve known each other for six years and until four months ago, if you asked her what FoxFuel does, she would say “They do something with Google, and Colton pays for a lot of lunches and happy hours.”

While this is technically accurate, I quickly realized that as part of a creative agency, I should be able to describe what we do in a fashion that is simple enough that a friend could understand it and explain it to someone else.

As I’ve worked to figure out how to articulate who we are and what we do, I’ve found that marketing is actually a lot like dating–there are a few key things you have to get right:

  1. Persona: Who are you and what do you have to offer?

When you go on a first date, you aren’t offering a meal and transport between 2-3 destinations; you’re offering an experience.

Clients who offer a product instead of or without an experience are set to fail. Consumers aren’t satisfied with a book or a tricycle or a drone–they want to expand their knowledge of the world, create memories with their daughter, or find a new perspective that was previously unreachable.

A pretty face isn’t enough for a lasting relationship; your partner needs to understand who you are and what kind of value they receive in committing to you. If you can’t demonstrate that value, you’ll find your customer, or that potential partner you’re pursuing, running off to someone else.

  1. Presentation: What do you wear on a first date?

Once you know who you are and what you stand for, how do you communicate that? Do you sport the suit and tie to immediately communicate that you’re professional, confident and impressive? Maybe you wear jeans and a v-neck to say that you’re cool, easy-going and practical. Or do you wear a tank top and a fedora to let them know that you’re finishing up magic school and you’ve written letters to MTV to get Jersey Shore back on the air?

For a brand, their suit is their business card, their jeans are their website, their fedora their mug, you get the idea. Your presentation matters and you never know when you’ll encounter your next client or lover, so you’d better get dressed and look the part.

  1. Presence: How do you find the one?

When you’re dating, you have to know where to find your type. Should you spend time at a Broadway Honky Tonk looking for a single bachelorette from out of town?  Or maybe a bar on Demonbreun to meet a Vandy freshman with a fake ID? How bout a classy throwback speakeasy for a professional with a refined palette or a laid-back hipster?

In marketing, it’s just as important to know where to be present. Maybe you’re a B2B company targeting Fortune 500 companies on LinkedIn. Athletic clothing retailer? Jumbo Tron space at Bridgestone and Titan’s Stadium might be more up your alley. Or maybe you’re offering knee replacements to 70-year-old men scrolling through Facebook to see if their old high school buddies can still climb the stairs.

No matter what your type, you need to know where to find them.

At FoxFuel, we help companies date their customers.

We’re like a cross between:

Will Smith in Hitch

Will Smith Hitch

“Like I always tell my clients – begin each day as if it were on purpose.”


The Wolf in Pulp Fiction

Winston Wolf solves problems

*I wrote a paper in college where I said that in 10 Years I wanted to be “The Wolf” of a creative agency. I’m 2 years away, and I hope I’m getting close.


“I’m Winston Wolf, I solve problems” 

How does the matchmaking process work? It all comes back to those 3 little P words:

Persona: We develop your logo, tagline, unique value proposition, and voice for presentation.

Presentation: We’ll concept, design and develop everything from your app and website to video work and powerpoint presentations so you look the part and have a cohesive message.

Presence: We segment your audience, research the market and your competition to give you a plan, and make your voice heard through channels like Google AdWords, Facebook ads, tv spots, drip email campaigns, YouTube pre-roll, radio, billboards, newspapers, trade rags, gorilla marketing, sponsorships, trade shows and more.

Experience and commitment are the two key factors here that will determine your success, which is why I’m so good at marketing, yet so terrible at dating. 


Colton is the CEO and chief strategist of FoxFuel creative. He has understated how good he is at marketing, as well as how bad he is at dating. To compensate, he drives a 1967 GTO and a 1980 Honda Motorcycle. #HaveFun

Seeking an Account Executive

Who We Are

We believe creativity is best when it is simple, honest and based on strategy. Through collaboration with our client’s experience and our marketing expertise, we make relevant and powerful connections with an intended audience.


Who You Are

You can maintain and grow close relationships with clients, while managing multiple projects from concept to completion. The chosen candidate will be driven, competitive, and ambitious, seeking opportunity for growth in a dynamic, exciting, and fast-paced environment. You will be a part of the strategic division of FoxFuel that focuses on account service, reporting directly to the CEO.

You Definitely Have

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, management, business or related field
  • Outstanding writing and communication skills
  • 2-4 years of account experience at an agency or an impressive history working in a company’s marketing department
  • Strong ability to respond and adapt to unexpected change
  • Solid note-taking skills and the ability to craft one heck of a creative brief
  • Experience leading a website through concept to completion
  • The passion and ability to form long-term, close relationships with clients.

You Probably Have

  • Experience writing strategic marketing plans
  • A preternatural fear of missing a deadline for a client
  • Experience as the main liaison between an agency and its clients
  • Confidence in driving projects forward and pressing creative coworkers forward to deliver projects on time
  • The freedom to travel once a quarter
  • A working knowledge of Google Analytics, SEO best practices, modern user experience standards
  • The ability to critically evaluate a client’s needs to proactively research and present solutions
  • The flexibility to work additional weekend hours at least once a month
  • A love for keeping up with the latest trends and tools in marketing social media and technology
  • A great joke at the ready and on solid go-to Karaoke song

What You’ll Do

  • Work in tandem with the CEO and CCO to pitch and land new business. You will build out proposals and presentation decks under the direction of the principals.
  • Own and manage clients that are entrusted to you
  • Present creative work to the client for feedback / approval
  • Prepare reports on campaign effectiveness and budget progress
  • Attend networking events to establish new client relationships and potential partners
  • Field and manage projects without supervision
  • Orchestrate and manage internal and external company events
  • Coordinate with vendors and media to craft strategic campaigns and ship programs ahead of deadlines
  • Manage invoicing and budgets for assigned clients, collecting payment when necessary
  • Run small errands and tasks (we’re a small agency, so when a business cards need to be retrieved from the printer or when a client wants coffee for a meeting, someone has to do it, and that someone is you.)
  • Take the fox on walks

Your New Family

We aren’t normal. Our status meetings include campaign timelines and group therapy sessions. Our team building exercises consist of rushed deadlines and sarcastic and seemingly demeaning, but actually complimentary comments. Our internal chat tool has more gifs than actual communication and we’ve all seen each other in swimwear. We’re more invested in each other than in profit and care more about our clients than our bottom line. Whether our suits have snazzy cufflinks or sharpnose pufferfish, our family works together to build quality cool shit and we have a ball doing it.

To apply to be an Account Executive, send your resume, cover letter, a video, and something funny to and
Your video should respond to these four questions:

1. What are your career goals?

2. What are you really good at professionally? (What do you love to do?)

3. What do you suck at, professionally? (What do you hate doing?)

4. Why do you want to work at FoxFuel?

Good luck! Hope to see you around the office soon.