FoxFuel Fashion: Halloween Edition

Need some costume inspiration? Maybe some past costumes of these FoxFuelers will help inspire you!

Rachel: Thomas and Friends 

Rachel Figley's Halloween Costume

Because big kids like choo choo trains, too.


Cody: Rolling Vampire

Cody Smith's Halloween Costume

#FunFalseFact: Dracula was an avid roller skater.


Colton: Wedding Singer

Colton Mulligan's Halloween Costume

Careful with this one, the serenade seems to be angering Wonder Woman.


Michael: Little Devil

Michael Hutzel's Halloween Costume

Do not let the cute grin fool you.


Joe: Tron

Joe Boettcher's Halloween Costume

What does Joe do when he’s not developing? Dresses up as a developer.


John Paul: Zombie…Redneck Bridesmaid?

John Paul's Halloween Costume

We’re not really sure what’s happening here.


Kelsey: Target Lady

Kelsey Greer's Halloween Costume

It’s legit!


Travis: Peter Pan

Travis Wilson's Halloween Costume

You can fly! You can fly! You can fly!

*Disclaimer: Peter Pan costumes do not actually enable you to fly.

FoxFuel Ribbon Cutting

Many thanks to everyone who came to the FoxFuel ribbon cutting! We had a great time celebrating our official opening with you all, and are grateful for your support and encouragement. We’re so glad to call you family, colleagues, and friends.