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All Good Factory / Ben Folds


Art Direction, Content Management Solutions, Design & UI, User Experience, Web Development



Warning: name dropping to follow. Ben Folds has created chart-topping music that includes albums with Ben Folds Five, multiple solo albums, and collaborative records with artists from Sara Bareilles to Regina Spektor to William Shatner.


It was clear from the beginning that Ben Folds has more going in his career than can be held in one usable website. He had outgrown the content, look, and overall feel of the site, and he needed someone to resize and refresh his digital presence. FoxFuel spent time with his management team learning about his active projects and his dreams for the future. Armed with our newfound knowledge, we began work in close collaboration with All Good Factory and his label on the new visual direction, website, and marketing plan.


FoxFuel strategized and designed a platform that could handle the ever-changing focus and endeavors of Ben Folds.


FoxFuel worked to deploy a stripped-down, mobile-first experience that trumps typical artist websites in terms of functionality and ease of use. The result is a responsive site that reflects his classical influences and new collaboration with yMusic while keeping the content focused on the typical visitor rather than label considerations.