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How To Get a Job In Advertising

Jan. 2016

By Colton Mulligan


(Or at least, how to get a job at FoxFuel)

FoxFuel is growing at a furious pace. Recently, I interviewed 17 people in three days. I want to make your job of getting a job easier, so I have a few pointers:

1. Arrive 5-15 minutes early for your interview. It takes 5 minutes to get from a parking spot into our office. Arriving earlier than that makes it awkward for me and for you. Arriving 2 minutes late and its unlikely I'm going to hire you unless you have a great excuse and you're super honest about it.

2. Be memorable. With the volume of resumes and cover letters I have to look at, they all blur together. Sometimes separating yourself is as simple as writing an honest / unique cover letter. Someone who takes 30-60 seconds to record a video telling us why they want to work at FoxFuel can convey their personality, passion and creativity. We are a creative agency and our employees have personalities that demonstrate this, if you can't do something inventive to get a job here, then we we don't need to waste your time by bringing you in for an interview.

3. Prove that you are worth our time. We have 40-60 applicants for any new position. We bill our time at $125-$175 an hour. In the back of my mind, I'm probably thinking about the things I should be doing for clients right now. I'm also thinking that if I was working on client strategy rather than interviewing you, I could bill that time and buy a brand new Keurig, record player, drone battery or dairy-free cookie bouquet for the office.

4. Ask me more questions than I ask you. I'm inquisitive by nature and so is FoxFuel, that's why we're great at what we do. If I'm interviewing you, it's because you're going to work with me, and we have to have that in common. If not, then I don't even consider whether you're funny or you've got big brands on your resume, or you speak 4 languages.

5. Be succinct in your answers. I'm super long-winded in life, but curt and quick in interviews. I have a limited amount of time to get to know you; answer each question directly with the best stuff you've got, and don't take more than 60 seconds. I'll let you tell me as much as you want to, but if you take 15 minutes to tell me about how your first job out of college taught you to always spell check your emails, then you wasted 14 minutes where you could have told me about the web project you managed start to finish, or the stunt you pulled to land a million dollar account.

At our last company meeting, we went around talking about why we liked working at FoxFuel, during our respective turns, we were the three that cried.


6. Research our company. This is a lot like a date in modern times. I expect that you've scoped us out online, read our blog and critiqued our Instagram photos. Hopefully, that's how you found this blog post. If you didn't stalk us, you just lost points and you probably aren't going to get the job. I need people who want to work here more than anywhere else in Nashville because that's how the rest of our company is, and each of us started that way on our first day. We want people who are passionate about their job. After college, you are going to spend more time with the people you work with than you will with your parents, dog, significant other, or roommate. We're all here because we absolutely love each other, we want to be here, and we have a ton of fun. Let me know that you want to spend 160 hours a month with us.

7. Stay in touch with us. If we don't hire you at first, come to our mixers, hang out at Skull's, start going to NAMA and AIGA events. We're hiring a person each week right now and we might find a role for you in the next 30 days.


*BONUS! Here's the interview format. (Kudos to you for finding this blog post, I wanted to reward you):

1. You tell me who you are as a person, aside from your career, in 30 seconds. I want to know what you're passionate about in life.

2. You tell me what you've done professionally that makes you a good fit for the position, in 1 minute.

3. You ask questions about the job, the company, or me.

4. I ask deeper questions about your career history.

5. I talk you OUT of working at FoxFuel (more on that in the next blog post. There are 7 reasons.)

That's it. Good luck. Whether you work at FoxFuel or elsewhere, I hope you find a place where you love what you do.


Colton is the CEO of FoxFuel Creative. If you want to know more about what he thinks we do, read HR Hates Me: Companies Dating Clients.  If you want to know where the company is headed, check out From Basement to High Rise in 6 Months. #HaveFun

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