January 7, 2015 Colton Mulligan

What 2015 Holds For Marketing

2015 is the year of collaboration. Marketing has gone digital for over a decade now and big brands are giving away the research, the tactics, and the means to buy media. Cheap and easy access means clients are demanding more of their agencies. To stay relevant, we have to adapt and collaborate.

Adapt: Depth Over Breadth

Ten years ago, agencies were clammering to beef up their shop, building multiple divisions under one roof. The result is an entity that is self-reliant, driven by agency profit, and is now falling short. We’ve seen a shift in client focus as they seek quality and innovation. More and more, decisions are based on what’s best for the work rather than what’s best for the bottom line.

A change in focus means a change in demand. Marketers hold more value in their ability to provide the best version of one thing than they would in providing the acceptable version of everything. What does that mean for marketers? Know what you’re good at, own it, and don’t be afraid to be transparent about the rest.

Collaborate: One Stop, Many Shops

Clients may only want the best, but they still want the best of everything. In Nashville, the call for quality has resulted in several different hyperfocused companies who are excellent at what they do. But while they’re providing the quality shop by shop, the separation requires extra effort from the client to juggle the various pieces for their brand.

There is an alternative to the circus act: collaboration.

If we–the creative agencies, tech companies, digital strategists, hyperfocused creators–can work together to combine forces and create truly innovative and pristine products, we can present our clients with perfectly packaged solutions that win for everyone.

FoxFuel and the Nashville Network

Here at FoxFuel, we have developed a habit (one that we’ll continue) of partnering with brilliant people in Nashville who have cornered the market in their area of expertise.

This habit has developed into a valuable skill set. Networking, brainstorming, and creating with other rising innovative talents in our city serves our clients better than building our own internal war chest of capabilities. While we never want to take credit for the genius behind the companies that we partner with, we do pride ourselves on the ability to meet and vet other passionate companies that can improve the ideas and concepts that we seek to deliver for clients.

We build relationships with these partners and maintain transparency with our clients. We won’t hide our collaborations; on the contrary, we want to make sure that our clients know we have the best of the best contributing to their brand.

We do all of this because the secret in the sauce for great marketing is literally the brain between our ears. This is greatness that fuels greatness in others, ignites innovation, and refuses to be extinguished.

To further demonstrate the growing relational culture of Nashville’s marketing world, we’ve invited a few great minds to speak to what they see for their industry in 2015. We didn’t ask for their secret to success or the 12 tips for content marketing; we asked them to speak to what they’re passionate about and its place in a changing industry.


Colton Mulligan is the Chief Executive Officer at FoxFuel Creative, where he drives strategy, partnerships and collaboration on behalf of their clients.