March 4, 2016 FoxFuel

Advertising on Facebook? 3 Updates You Should Know About

If you’re part of the marketing world, you know that there is a constant struggle in determining which advertising outlet will effectively spread brand recognition. Year to year, different social and interactive platforms compete for title of best advertising platform, and 2015 was no exception.

Last year’s biggest player in social advertising was Facebook whose ad revenue had a 41% increase in 2015. The ads are working, and they’re working well. Let’s take a look at a few ways social giant has stepped up their ad game:

Lead Generation Ads
We all know the value–and the challenge–of getting a user from click to conversion. Facebook came out with an innovative way to approach this problem with their Lead Ads” solution. This feature populates forms with any information already available on the user’s profile, minimizing the effort needed from the user.

In 2015, Facebook had an increase in geotagged ads due to both updates to their targeting system and an increase in mobile users. The geotagging feature allows local businesses to target customers not only by demographic, but also by location. This hyper-targeting system has allowed advertisers to target consumers as narrowly as a 1-mile radius.

“Fast forward five years…it’s going to be video.”

Mark Zuckerberg on primary content shared by users

Without a doubt, video advertisements are quickly becoming the most effective form of advertising on Facebook. According to Facebook, there were eight billion average daily video views in 2015, up from four billion views in April; a 100% increase in a seven-month period. The success rate of video advertising has helped raise Facebook’s ad revenue by 45% in 2015.