June 25, 2015 FoxFuel

8 Ways Our 8 Employees Like To Spend Their Nashville Summers

Stones River Greenway

Travis’ Pick

Nashville has some killer greenways in and around the city. Perfect for dog walkers, active families, or introverts who are tired of peopling and need to escape for a time. 


Swing Dancing at Centennial Park (or Anywhere Else)

Kelsey’s Pick

You can swing dance anywhere there’s music, but if you prefer not to dance alone for once, we highly recommend the Big Band Dances every Saturday night at Centennial.


Car Shows

Hutzel’s Pick

There are car shows across the state of Tennessee throughout the year, including the International Auto Show in November. This summer, there are a few great ones here in Nashville like the 3rd Annual Auto Fair & Swap Meet or Ink N Iron at Bicentennial Mall Park.

Oh, and if you’re into weird old cars, you definitely have to check out this gem: Lane Motor Museum.


Live On The Green

Cody’s Pick

Live on the Green

You’ve heard of it, it’s on everyone’s list. But it’s just so good! It kicks off a little later in the summer, but in the meantime, check out the lineup that was just announced!


Take A Long Ride On My Motorbike

Colton’s Pick


Colton’s trying desperately to be more hipster, so in addition to his new skinny jeans and his mustache pomade, he’s spending warm summer nights downtown on his 1980 Honda CM400T. 


Cheekwood Garden Exhibits

Joe’s Pick 

Cheekwood has some amazing programs and exhibits lined up this summer, including a 23-foot cast iron head as part of Jaume Plensa’s Human Landscape exhibit.


Full Moon Pickin’ Parties

John’s Pick

This year is the 15th anniversary of the Full Moon Pickin’ Parties in Warner Park! Music lovers and musicians alike get together once a month for some mighty fine bluegrass throughout the park.



Rachel’s Pick

There are 12 incredible waterfalls within two hours of Nashville. You’re welcome.


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