March 9, 2016 FoxFuel

Take a Sad Song and Make It Better

There was never any doubt that Sir George Martin changed the landscape of pop music. He produced the best-selling single of all time, “Candle in the Wind.” He also created string arrangements for Dire Straits and recorded Cheap Trick, Jeff Beck, and America. But his legacy will be his work with The Beatles.


He was uncomfortable with the label “The 5th Beatle.” But, who would they be without him? He pushed them into unknown territory and gave them freedom to roam. Their imaginations exploded into complex layers of sounds that continue to affect music lovers today.

No one at FoxFuel was alive during Beatlemania, but almost everyone can point to a gateway song that led to a healthy music addiction. Through the songs of The Beatles, George Martin affected our lives long after his work ended, and his work will continue to influence people long after his life has ended.

Here are some of our favorites:

Kelsey – “Here Comes the Sun” I loved the mirroring of the melody in the guitar and the vocals.

Charlyn – “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” It plays at the end of Across the Universe. I found out way too late in the game that it was about LSD!

Andy – “I am the Walrus” This song is really weird but, at the same time, really catchy. It also influenced so much 1970’s music, like David Bowie.

Amelia – I don’t know. It was before my time.

Henry – “Norwegian Wood” The Beatles were so cool at the time, but this song is all about a woman who doesn’t want them. Plus, this album drove Brian Wilson to create Pet Sounds.

Rachel – Oh man… I’m a Stones fan.

John Paul – “Eleanor Rigby” This song has beautiful storytelling and great use of Dorian mode, which is not heard a lot in pop music.

Mary – I actually don’t listen to The Beatles. I like The Monkees. But, I like “Hey Jude.”

Travis – I like the Revolver album, but I haven’t listened to them in so long. I could go back to the album and try to remember what I liked when I was 10, if you want.

Mary Ellen – “Strawberry Fields” It’s all about the poetry and instrumentation. Plus, it’s whimsical.

Joe – “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” Early on, I was not a big fan of The Beatles. This was one of the songs that changed that. It came down to the melodies.

Michael – Abbey Road is my favorite album. I love the medley of songs at the end. The way they string a series of songs together and hit the older themes is awesome.

Colton – “Golden Slumbers” into “Carry that Weight” I like the way it tells 20% of a story, and I love the way those two songs build and compliment each other.

RIP George Martin
January 3, 1926 – March 8, 2016


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“Abbey Road” is a favorite around the FoxFuel office.