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Make the world more awesome.


Kid President Live


Art Direction, Strategic Planning, Video Production



Robby Novak is known to millions as Kid President. Together, he and his brother-in-law, Brad Montague, are on a mission to inspire kids and grown-ups to make the world more awesome. In his A Guide to Being Awesome, Kid President pulls together lists of awesome ideas to help the world become a better place along with a step-by-step guide to making pretty much everything a little bit awesomer


Kid President and Soul Pancake needed a way to celabrate and promote the launch of his new book and how the people in Tennessee (his home state) have been changing the world.


In the book A Guide to Being Awesome, Kid President pulls together stories of awesome kids changing the world. FoxFuel helped brainstorm a live announcement/party/event in Nashville’s historic Studio A to celebrate people who give back in their communities and across the world. 


FoxFuel helped write, direct, and produce a four hour live-to-tape special that honored celebrities and homegrown heroes who embody the idea that awesome people can change the world. The special featured Dolly Parton, Rainn Wilson, Sugar and the Hi-Lows, Ben Folds, and many more.