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Getting two brands into shape.


Elite and MPOWER


Art Direction, Brand Development, Brand Strategy, Copywriting



Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopedics provides the highest level of subspecialized orthopedic care to their patients so they may pursue and maintain an active lifestyle. They serve the Middle Tennessee area, the Tennessee Titans, and the area’s collegiate athletes at Belmont and Lipscomb University.


Elite Orthopedics has long been known as the premier sports medicine practice in Middle Tennessee, with state of the art facilities and superior physicians. But the brand needed a reboot to match the strides they made operationally. They had also created a new performance institute, MPOWER, that provides personal training, physical therapy, and concierge medicine that needed to coexist with the Elite brand.




With a brand as recognizable as Elite Orthopedics, FoxFuel recommended a natural evolution for the mark and voice, to retain the built equity in the marketplace while making them more contemporary. FoxFuel worked to apply the new voice, look, and feel across a variety of mediums and environments to ensure authenticity and effectiveness.


FoxFuel created, and recreated two brands that were unique, but related. We focused on evoking energy and motion to appeal to an athletic audience while retaining the professionalism and respect of the 20 year company.