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Amelia Handshoe

Account Executive

Hailing from Charleston, this is a chick who gets shit done. Bold and tenacious, she calls it like it is and leaves no room for error. She typically prefers time with her dog to most humans, but she’s the type you can always count on to make sure you get what you need when you need it.

Amelia is a College of Charleston alumna and has 6 years of social media and marketing experience with various Charleston-based companies. She decided to move on out to Nashville to join the FoxFuel team in 2016 and is working with some local legacies like Lipscomb University, Barge Waggoner, and Ben Folds.

Amelia's Motto

Wait, what the hell?

Fun Facts


Reads DailyMail way more than she cares to admit.


Routinely deletes all social media for a good cleanse.


Has not met a food
she doesn’t like.

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